April 10, 2021

Did You Know…?

“Croissant” is a well-known dessert from France in spite of not French origin.

No one, at this point, has never not known this popular dessert, so-called Croissant. The unique pastries with a crescent shape plus a buttery scent as well as the crusty surface on the outside and soft inside share the distinctive taste that whoever tries, will instantly fall in love. This makes this kind of dessert considerably popular until now. Have you ever wondered where the croissants originated?

Many people believe that the croissant originated in France, but did you know that the croissant is not of French origin? Dated back to 1683, there was the war between the Turks and the Austrians which the Turks sent an army to besiege Vienna, Austria; however, they couldn’t break through the city walls by numerous attempts. Therefore, they had the idea of digging a tunnel to attack instead. One night during the tunneling, a baker in Vienna on a late-night duty heard the digging of a tunnel by a Turks soldier, then notified the Austrian soldiers to expel the Turks until they were able to defend and successfully save Vienna.

After the victory, there was a celebration by making a crescent-shaped bread similar to the flag of the Turks and named it “Kipferl” and this is the origin of this pastry.

Later in the year 1770, Mary Antoinette, a princess from Vienna, Austria married King Louis XVI and moved to France. With her unfamiliarity with the French cuisine and reminding of her national cuisine, then ordered the chef to make the Kipferl dessert by a new and different process that made the texture different from the original. After that, it was named this dessert “Croissant” and has become popular throughout France and around the world since then.