Little C Bread

About Us

Little C Bread started in 2018 from the committed intention of making bread for the family to eat during the holidays and to have a delicious bread that is hygiene. Therefore, we started making simple bread stuffed with fresh milk cream that can be eaten at all times, using fresh ingredients and selecting only quality ingredients to make pastries.

When all of the family members have eaten, they are quite impressed because the bread texture is deliciously smooth, easy-to-eat, and is a favorite of both adults and children. They further recommended to sell. This inspires us to produce delicious and quality bread for everyone to eat with the commitment of “Make the dessert like what we make for family” because we are highly convinced that what is more important that deliciousness is the attention to details in every process and the selection of the best to produce one bread. Thus, it becomes the pastries namely “Little C”.