April 10, 2021

Little C Made from fresh butter and No Preservatives

Are preservatives good or bad? 

Everyone must have known or have heard over the preservatives used in the production of food, snacks and various processed foods. But believe it or not, many people still do not know what the advantages of preservatives have. Why do many manufacturers use it in food production, and is there any disadvantage if consuming food? Today, we’re answering these concerns for you!

Preservatives are chemicals used to preserve food and extend the shelf life so that food can last longer, is unmodified and helps inhibit the growth in order to destroy microorganisms that cause food spoilage. As of now, many people are wondering whether the preservative is dangerous or not. In fact, if the body receives a small or reasonable amount of preservative, it will be able to get rid of it through urine normally. However, if the body receives a higher amount every day, it can cause nausea, vomiting, stomachaches. The internal organs of the body, both the liver and the kidneys, have to work harder to remove this substance from the body. If the body cannot be completely eliminated of the substance, it will accumulate within the body. As a result, the efficiency of the liver and kidneys in the elimination of chemicals is gradually ineffective. It is harmful to the internal organs of the body, which can potentially cause disability in the future.

Food manufacturers must pay attention to the use of this substance in the proper dosage, not exceeding the dosage, in accordance with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health that qualifies to use preservatives in Thailand in the appropriate amount for certain types of food.

Does Little C add preservatives in the dessert? Are you wondering? Both Little C’s bread and croissants do not add any preservatives because we want our customers to eat delicious and fresh desserts every day without any chemicals. Therefore, our desserts have a relatively short shelf life and must be kept inside the refrigerator at all times as well as inability to be exposed to the hot weather outside because of spoilage. You can be assured that every dessert that Little C produces is absolutely safe and free of any chemical additives.